Dual Cartridges dispense precise ratios – Disposable systems – Reduces waste – Eliminates need for costly meter / mix equipment – Minimizes health hazards – Long lasting cartridges – Only the static mixer nozzle needs replacement after long down times.

1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 parts-by-volume ratios 50 ml to 1500 ml capacities Manual and Pneumatic Guns Nozzles, Retainer Nuts and Flow Restrictors

Dual Cartridge Systems Suppliers and Ratio Charts

Barrier and Injection These dual component adhesive packaging systems were among the first to emerge on the custom packaging scene for two and three-component materials. Dual cartridges are primarily used when there is a resin/curative system that needs to be used in practically any parts-by-weight ratio. Once mixed, these systems have to be used within the material pot-life.

Barrier Cartridge Barrier type dual cartridges have a foiled mixer dasher that is held in place inside the cartridge with cinch tape on the outside of the cartridge. The foil separates the resin and curative. This cartridge is typically used with systems that are between 1:1 and 10:1 parts-by-volume ratio.

Injection Cartridge The “injection” system consists of the main cartridge filled with resin and an injection rod that contains the curing agent. This package is best suited for parts-by-volume or part-by-weight ratios of less than 10:1. Use of this system is simple; the ramrod is pushed against the rod piston which compresses the resin and causes the rod valve to rupture, thereby injecting the curative into the resin. The combined materials are then mixed until homogenous.

Both systems can be mixed manually or with an electric or pneumatic mixer. Mixed product is then dispensed through manual or pneumatic guns or stand-mounted units using a variety of nozzles and needles.

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