Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. strives to find the best suppliers in the industry. Listed below are some of our preferred suppliers.

Some of our suppliers:

Plas-Pak Ratio-Pak® Industrial Spray Dispensers & HSS Spray System

Plas-Pak’s HSS Spray system is an innovative adhesive dispensing systems utilizing our Ratio-Pak® dual cartridges for meter mix and spraying of two component, high solid adhesives, coatings, and liners. The HSS Spray system comes in both single and dual component systems, and includes an adjustable HSS air gun regulator, and a variety of atomizing static mixer assemblies.

The HSS Spray system can be used for a variety of industrial spraying and dispensing solutions, including high solid adhesives, two-part coatings, and many other applications for maintenance and repair touchups.

Video: Demo Of HSS Spray System From Plas-Pak

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