Shipping Services

shipping services
  • Ship Mixed/Frozen overnight in dry ice for maximum material pot life.
  • Merlin Packaging will ship overnight from our facility to your door next day, in some cases, same day delivery.
  • Merlin packaging can also drop ship any order to any location. This will save your time & material handling.
  • We ship national and international.


  • Merlin Packaging can customize your private label to include all the information you need with our standard black and white or full color labels.
  • We can also barcode your product and warehouse your inventory. This saves time, space and money.

Nitrogen Purging

nitrogen purging
  • We have the ability to nitrogen purge moisture sensitive materials to extend the shelf life of your material.

Hazardous Shipping

hazardous shipping
  • Merlin Packaging’s certified Hazmat shipping experts can ship hazardous material to any location with our specialty shipping boxes including UN certified boxes for transporting hazardous material.


  • We offer a wide range of foil and polyethylene bags which help prevent moisture damage.

Centrifuge Degassing

Centrifuge Degassing
  • Degas your material with our centrifuging process to ensure proper dispensing for your application.

Vacuum Degassing

Vacuum Degassing
  • Ensuring removal of all entrapped air/dissolved gases out of you material.


  • We can provide you with manufacturer certificates and/or test reports granting the product meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements, as well as the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).