The MPT Pro-Pak clip system is a flexible divided pouch which contains measured amounts of two component resin systems in quantities from 4cc to 360cc in any ratio. Accurate mixing and easy dispensing reduces material waste saving you time, labor and materials. The advanced polyester lamination in the plastic sleeve creates the best possible barrier protection while the powerful plastic clip allows for a long term seal.

Advantages of the Pro-Pak Clip System

  • Exact ratios eliminating errors in mixing
  • Available in sizes from 4 grams to 12.2 fluid ounces
  • Makes for user friendly size eliminating the process of opening and sealing large containers
  • No need for meter mix machines
  • Reduced employee exposure to material health hazards
  • Portability to job site
  • Throw away…no costly waste disposal

Mixing Instructions:
MPT illustrated mixing instructions are included with each Pro-Pak. Custom mixing instructions and/or diagrams, including your logo and company information can also be created upon request.

Handling Instructions:

  1. Grip firmly on each side of Pro-Pak and pull to open clip and remove.
Pro-Pak Clip System handling instructions step 1
  1. Knead package thoroughly until components are well mixed.
Pro-Pak Clip System handling instructions step 2
  1. Cut corner to desired orifice size end dispense.

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