Urethane adhesives are used in a variety of applications for their versatility, strength, and durability. Urethane adhesive packaging is an effective choice for the containment, storage, and distribution of urethane adhesives for various industrial and commercial applications. Merlin Packaging Technologies develops reliable urethane adhesive packaging used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing, among others.

Urethane Adhesive Packaging Options and Considerations

Merlin custom fills urethane packaging adhesives, liquid pastes and other products. We source quality urethane adhesive packaging that is designed to preserve your product’s properties and allow for its convenient and safe use.

Containers and Cartridges

Urethane adhesives are commonly packaged in containers or cartridges made of plastic or metal. These range from small cartridges suitable for handheld dispensing tools to larger containers for industrial applications.

Dual-Component Adhesive Systems

These consist of two separate components (typically a resin and a hardener) that must be mixed together before use. They are often packaged in dual syringes or separate containers within a kit.

Storage and Shelf Life

Urethane adhesives must be stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure their shelf life. This typically involves storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Safety Considerations

Proper packaging includes safety information, instructions, and hazard warnings to ensure that users handle urethane adhesives safely and correctly. Safety data sheets (SDS) should also be provided.

Merlin is Your Source for Custom Urethane Adhesive Packaging

Merlin Packaging Technologies can fulfill all of your urethane adhesive packaging needs. We fill aluminum, plastic, or laminate tubes ranging from 1/4 to 5 1/2 fluid ounces in size, with a large variety of cap styles. We also offer a full range of professional custom adhesive packaging support services:

  • Pressure sensitive labels for product for easy packaging
  • Various liner materials for maximum barrier properties
  • Triple folding for tight seals
  • Color label machine for labels with color and high resolution graphics

Whether your custom urethane packaging requires warning or caution messaging, bar codes, instructions, brand logos, or any other specialized graphics and text, the Merlin team can meet your needs.

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