TAH’s Universal Cartridge System is a major breakthrough in two-component cartridge design. Universal Cartridges are the only cartridge system that maintains accurate ratio control and fits into standard caulking guns. This cartridge can be used in manual or powered caulking guns.

The Universal Cartridge looks identical to standard caulking cartridges. The body is molded of a rigid plastic that won’t burst or expand, even in the most demanding application. The interior components are fully assembled at the factory, and each cartridge is air tested. This 100% factory inspected process guarantees that the filled cartridge will maintain a superior shelf life and provide trouble-free applications in the field.

Who’s Using the Universal Cartridge

The Universal is widely distributed to the DIY market, through catalog sales, and in field applications where special dispensing guns are an obstacle to market penetration.


TAH’s patented Universal Cartridge stores one component in front of the other but both are extruded through the cartridge outlet and into a static mixer simultaneously. As the inner can is pushed forward, the first fluid is extruded into the center tube, through the cartridge outlet, and into the mixer. Simultaneously, the movable piston causes the second fluid to be extruded through the cartridge outlet and also into the static mixer. The cartridge is available in 1:1 and 2:1.

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