Merlin Packaging Technologies is your source for the MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™ innovative 2-component packaging solution.

The ecopaCC collapsible cartridge features a foldable design that minimizes the space required for storing and shipping. Manufacturers, sellers, and end-users benefit from proven quality, as well as reduced costs and lower emissions, adding green value to your process.

The collapsible cartridge concept minimizes the remaining packaging waste up to one fifth. This revolutionary packaging reduces CO2 emissions and helps to reduce space per item, leading to less warehouse space and lower transportation costs.

MIXPAC™ Mixing Tips

Mixpac Quadro™ and Helix mixing tips are designed for precise metering and mixing of 2-component materials. Various designs and lengths are available to meet the requirements of specific applications. Minimal pressure loss and precise metering at high dispensing rates are important benefits.

COX™ Dispensers

Our wide selection of 2-component COX dispensers includes high performance manual, battery and pneumatic dispensers, all compatible with the Mixpac ecopaCC cartridges.

MK™ Dispensers

MK 2-component range of dispensers are known for quality, reliability and performance. Originally supplied by Krøger A/S, MK dispensers are now part of our product portfolio.