Merlin Packaging Technologies can handle your demanding two or three part adhesive and sealant packaging requirement with our Dual Pouch packaging systems.

Pro-Pak Clip System

The MPT Pro-Pak clip system is a flexible divided pouch which contains measured amounts of two component resin systems in quantities from 4cc to 360cc in any ratio. Accurate mixing and easy dispensing reduces material waste saving you time, labor and materials. The advanced polyester lamination in the plastic sleeve creates the best possible barrier protection while the powerful plastic clip allows for a long term seal.

Burst Pouch Packaging

The BurstPouch®, also known as burst bag, is the most advanced technology available for adhesive packaging solutions for two or three component premeasured liquid systems. A frangible seal is installed across the pouch separating Part A from Part B, requiring deliberate pressure to burst the frangible seal allowing both components to mix.