Merlin Packaging Technologies offers two- component, 1:1 ratio dual syringes with a micro-sized static mixer for controlled dispensing and minimal waste. Micro static mixers feature auto air venting for easy filling, re-sealable, no-leak position orientated caps, separate seal/plunger rod configurations and clear or custom polypropylene or nylon barrels. The all plastic micro static mixers are available in 2cc x 2cc and 7cc x 7cc (1:1 ratio) capacities.

Mini-Dual Syringe – Product Options

2ml x 2ml, 1:1 Ratio

  • Detachable seals prevent cross-over contamination
  • Reusable pushrod
  • Cap orientation feature
  • Micro static mixers minimize waste and improve mixing efficiency and placement.
  • Pushrod plunger included

7ml x 7ml, 1:1 Ratio 

  • Break-off tip for simplified filling
  • Available with one piece plunger rod or detachable seal/rod combination.
  • Accepts all micro static mixers
  • Pushrod plunger included


Micro static mixers are available in 2mm, 3mm, and 4.6mm diameters with variable length element configurations and needle or blunt nose options. Micro-mixers are designed for minimal waste, reduced dispensing force and reliable mixing.

blunt tip
2mm x 8 Element – Blunt Tip

3mm x 6 Element – Blunt Tip
3x8 blunt tip
3mm x 8 Element – Blunt Tip

1/4M x 12 Element
3 x 16 blunt tip
4mm x 16 Element – Blunt Tip

Manual Dual Syringe

15ml x 15ml, 1:1 Ratio 30cc (1oz)