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    • Answer: Normal lead time is 10 days or less from time of material received in our facility. For special delivery options, Merlin can expedite overnight or same day delivery if applicable.

    • Answer: You may receive up to 6 pieces of free samples.

    • Answer: The customer will provide material, details of packaging type, and MSDS / TDS. Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. (MPT) will provide product packaging components. The customer will pay for all shipping expenses. Lead time on samples is usually 2 weeks or less.

    • Answer: We are not capable of manufacturing materials. We can recommend a manufacturer if you are looking for a specific product. Most often these products exist in the market already.

    • Answer: No.

    • Answer: Every order is individually quoted depending on packaging type, volume, material handling, and value added services.

    • Answer: This depends on many factors that include specific gravity, filled amount, and 5% waste factor. Most yields calculated are estimations. We can calculate this for you during the quoting process.