The burst pouch, also known as burst bag, is the most advanced technology available for adhesive packaging solutions for two or three component premeasured liquid systems. The burst pouches are used to package epoxy, urethane and silicone systems in a wide range of viscosities for both industrial and consumer use. These easy-to-use pouches are reliable, precise and convenient. Packages can be any mix ratio in sizes from 2 grams to 6 pounds and are manufactured in a choice of 18 different multi-layer barrier films which are highly resistant to chemicals and most epoxy systems. A frangible seal is installed across the pouch separating Part A from Part B, requiring deliberate pressure to burst the frangible seal allowing both components to mix

Burst Pouch with Dispenser Tip

The burst pouch is also manufactured with a choice of hundreds of types and sizes of dispenser tips, including luer tip syringe applicators which allow for pinpoint accuracy.

Merlin Wizard
Burst Pouches can also be customized with your specified logo or usage information printed directly on your burst pouch.

Burst Pouch Mixing Instructions:

Roll pouch toward burst seal.
Apply thumb pressure to rupture burst seal.
Mix thoroughly on table edge or any 90 degree surface until well mixed.
Cut corner and dispense.

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