BurstPouch® packaging, also known as the burst bag, is the most advanced adhesive packaging solution available for multi-component liquid systems. Burst pouches can be used to package urethane, epoxy, and silicone adhesive systems in a wide range of mix ratios from 2 grams to 6 pounds in nearly any viscosity! Equally adaptable for both industrial and consumer applications, easy-to-use burst pouches are precise, reliable and extremely convenient. BurstPouch® packages are manufactured with a choice 18 different multi-layer barrier films, all of which are highly resistant to chemicals and most epoxy systems.

Frangible Seal Pouch

The key to BurstPouch® packaging is an easily broken frangible seal which separates the various components. The frangible seal is a different material than the outer seams of the packaging allowing for deliberate pressure to burst the seal and allow the components to mix. You can see in the illustration below, how easy it is to rupture the frangible seal and mix the pre-measured components for easy dispensing.

BurstPouch® Packaging with Dispenser Tip

The BurstPouch® is also manufactured with a choice of hundreds of types and sizes of dispenser tips, including luer tip syringe applicators which allow for pinpoint accuracy.

Merlin Wizard
BurstPouch® can also be customized with your specified logo or usage information printed directly on your BurstPouch®.

BurstPouch® Mixing Instructions:

Roll pouch toward burst seal.
Apply thumb pressure to rupture burst seal.
Mix thoroughly on table edge or any 90 degree surface until well mixed.
Cut corner and dispense.

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