Merlin Packaging Technologies takes pride in solving your most difficult material handling problems. We are pleased to offer our specialized 2-part Mixed/Frozen material packaging service. We package small dual component, multi-component, reactive adhesives and sealants including epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes, polysulfide and others.

Mixed / Frozen Product Benefits:

  • Useful when small amounts of material are required, thus reducing waste.
  • Eliminates the need for repeated batch mixing thus saving the time-consuming tasks of precision weighing and mixing.
  • Pre-mixed product eliminates the potential for operator weighing and mixing errors

Packaging Service Summary

  1. Mix Part A and Part B at the specified ratio to a homogeneous blend
  2. Fill into package of customer’s choice
  3. Vacuum degassing upon customer request
  4. Cool package to between 90°F and -100°F immediately after filling to insure mixed product stability by stopping the cure reaction between components
  5. Pack frozen container in dry ice and ship overnight to user
  6. User thaws package using warm water bath, hot air, microwave or any other convenient method.

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